No such thing as too much chilli in thailand :> 5 hours ago
@gladleighsg second collection launched xx 17 hours ago
Egg prata with condensed milk!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, too good ♡.♡ (at Pratunam Market (Thai: ประตูน้ำ)) 22 hours ago with 1 note
Loving the streets of bangkok and their yummy street food  (at Pratunam Market - Bangkok) 22 hours ago
Happy to be in bkk!!!!!! 

Not sure about that dude behind me tho kekeke 1 day ago
We missed our flight because we were 10min late for check in thanks to the stupid jam and slow driver (mostly) and had to buy a new air ticket from tigerair instead…….. was pretty bummed initially but wtf lolol YOLO we be ballin’ in bkk bitches xx
#2yoloballingalz 1 day ago
Kaisen Don! Yumyum in my tumtum 2 days ago
Last day to get your discounts guys!!!!!! Come down to thefaceshop at JEM and get all your skincare and makeup products now hehehe (and visit us 3 qtz HAHAHAHHAAHAHA) #xiaocoralpinkstar #xiaopesh #xiaohongval #wtfthexiaocraze  (at Jem) 3 days ago
Kinda expected a rather pretty sight upon releasing these bunch of balloons into the sky towards the end of the shift, but it was totally ruined by the fact that all of them were kinda deflating so they didnt really fly up much. It was floating in mid air and it looked so dumb cuz it was heading towards the faces of people so I ended up looking like an idiot as I ran towards em floating balloons (kinda in the middle of nowhere) and jumped up to reach the strings to take the balloons back to store LOL #fail 4 days ago
at Nektar Bar 5 days ago